Hygiene Key

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Stay Safe and Healthy - Maintain good hand hygiene and minimize your contact with germs and bacteria by using this no touch door opener with a touchscreen tip! Not only will it help you navigate through your apps without your hands touching your phone, it also allows you to open doors, press elevator and ATM buttons, handles and other possibly infected surfaces - completely touch free!
  • Made from eco friendly Zinc Alloy
  • Attaches to your keys
  • Stylish Re-Usable Contactless Door Opener
  • To touch and access exposed surfaces without direct skin contact
  • The black stylus works on touch screens, key pads, and mobile phones.
  • Simple easy to use and an effective way to keep your hands sanitary
  • Designed to avoid direct contact with shared surfaces such as elevator buttons or ATMs.
  • Sturdy with quality materials
  • 4 Colours - Gold, Rose Gold, Grey & Silver